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Are you an earth conscious couple looking to reduce your footprint? Well you have come to the right place. 

We are all about sustainable living at Kuitpo Hall and we want to offer you to the opportunity to have an eco-wise wedding without having to skip any of the details!


Whether you decide on the full package or just want to pick some elements that is great, as if you decide to reduce your footprint by 1% or 100% either way you have made a difference and for that the earth is grateful  


Kuitpo Hall 


- Minimum of 14 hour hall hire (when possible additional access will be granted)

- Access to all facilities on site 

Eco - Benefits

- All forms will be submitted electronically

- All rubbish will be removed, sorted and disposed of appropriatelycomposted, recycled etc.

- Who gives a crap toilet paper

- All vegan and environmentally friendly cleaning products used

- A memorial tree will be planted to promote oxygen health

Cost $1,600 + GST


Camille Abbot


- Kindle read ceremonies

- Rechargable batteries used in PA System

- Use of recycled paper for marriage certificates

- Ceremony resources uploaded to a password protected secure library.

Cost $1,100 + GST

DECOR - Cocktail

MASE - Event Hire + Design

- 5 x repurposed wine barrels

- 3 x Reclaimed timber pallet pods

- Reusable glassware

- Kentucky Bar

DECOR - Sit-down

MASE - Event Hire + Design

- 5 x Reclaimed timber handmade tables

- 50 x Mismatched Chairs

- 2 x Wine Barrels

50 x dinner plates

- 50x sets of cutlery

- Reusable glassware

- Kentucky Bar


Cargo Catering - Cocktail

1 x grazing table 

4 x canapés 

3 x roaming entrees 


Kitchen hire and set up


- 1 x tree planted for each wedding guest (through

- Everything is served on compostable pressed palm plates, pine boats and wooden cutlery

- All our green waste is collected and composted

- Option to hire in additional crockery and cutlery as required (at clients expense) 

- Low food miles - Everything possible is sourced from SA. From our charcuterie on our grazing tables (Barossa fine foods) to our fresh veggies and meats which are all sourced locally. 

- We support small SA businesses - where possible we choose the little guys over the big businesses.  

- We always use cage free eggs and free range chicken 


Additional extras can be added to packages: deserts, extra canapés, bar services, etc. 

- $62 per head


Cargo Catering - Sit-down

- 5 x Reclaimed timber handmade tables

- 50 x Mismatched Chairs

- 2 x Wine Barrels

50 x dinner plates

- 50x sets of cutlery

- Reusable glassware

- Kentucky Bar

My Car

This is a great place to add a tagline.

Tesla Model X or Model S $225 per hour (minimum 3 hour booking $675) 


Otherwise we can also offer just a transfer fee. So for the scenario you have said to base it on it would come to:


For the Tesla Model X or Tesla Model S it comes to $300 for the City to Kuitpo and $200 for Kuitpo to McLaren Vale, meaning $500 all up as it is out of the metro area and includes the late night pick-up fees. 

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