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Can you help us organise our day?

Our big sister company MASE Events provides Event Coordination services that range from full coverage under which you won’t have to lift a finger through to services for specific elements to support your planning. For weddings and large special events at Kuitpo Hall we strongly recommend you engage an on-the-day-coordinator through MASE Events. The coordinator will ensure that everything runs smoothly will be on hand to address any last minute needs. Please contact with your enquiry.


Can you provide furniture and decorations for us?

Our big sister company is MASE Events and the team will be delighted to help you with event coordination and styling as well as hire of furniture, linen, crockery, lighting etc. MASE will waive delivery and set up fees for bookings at Kuitpo Hall. Please contact with your enquiry.


Will you be here on the day?

As a dry hire venue your booking includes hire of the property including the grounds, the Hall and Barn. Generally there will not be a Kuitpo Hall team member on site during your hire period. However, for weddings and large special events we do recommend you book an on-the-day-coordinator through MASE Events.  Please contact with your enquiry.


Will somebody lock up for us?

No, as part of the condition of the booking agreement, we ask that you lock the facilities at the end of your event. You will be provided with instructions about how to do this during the booking process.


Is there someone on call if there are any issues?

As part of the booking process you will be advised of who to contact if there are any issues. In case of an emergency, please first call the appropriate authorities. 


Do you have good spots for our ceremony on the property?

Kuitpo Hall is blessed with many locations perfect for a wedding ceremony! You are welcome to hold your ceremony anywhere on the property. Some of the most popular locations are on the front grass with the Hall doors as backdrop, inside the Hall, in front of the corrugated wall feature behind the Hall and under the large gum tree.

Is there any furniture included? 

The Hall is a dry hire space which allows you to dress it in your own way to bring your dream vision to life. Our big sister company is MASE Events and the team will be delighted to help you with event coordination and styling as well as hire of furniture, linen, crockery, lighting etc. MASE will waive delivery and set up fees for bookings at Kuitpo Hall. Please contact with your enquiry.


Can we bring in our own furniture and decorations?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own furniture and decorations. If you are in need of anything extra, our big sister company MASE Events has a wide selection of excellent hire items, and the team will be delighted to help you.


Can we come and have a look through the venue?

If you are considering hiring Kuitpo Hall, we invite you to do a walkthrough. Since majority of our events happen on weekends, we only offer walkthroughs on weekdays. Please email us at to book.


What is the hire fee for the Hall? 

The hire fee for the property, including the Hall and the surrounding grounds is $3000+GST for access from 10am to midnight. The Barn is not included but can be hired for an additional $750+GST


Is there a deposit required?

Yes, we require a 50% deposit to secure the booking while the rest of the payment can be made at your earliest convenience at least 30 days prior to the event.


Do we pay a bond as part of the hire? 

A $1000 bond is held on a credit card to allow for any last minute additions to your hire, and may be used to cover any damage caused to the property. 


Is there a cancellation fee? 

If for some reason you need to cancel your booking, there may be a fee involved depending on the situation. The various cancellation fees are detailed in the booking agreement. 


Is there a cleaning fee? 

As long as the property is returned in the same state it is provided to you, there is no cleaning fee. Please ensure that no food waste is left out overnight and that you sweep up any crumbs and wipe up any spillages. Ensure the bathrooms are left in the state that you found them. We supply you with bins and bin liners. Please tie all garbage bags and leave the rubbish on the back verandah. Please ensure that recyclable items eg bottles and cans are in the recycling bins provided.


Do we have to take our rubbish with us? 

We will dispose of event-associated rubbish on your behalf. We supply you with bins and bin liners. Please use the recycling bins for cans and bottles. At the end of your event please tie up the garbage bags and leave on the back verandah, remembering that Kuitpo Hall and surrounds is home to wildlife. Excessive rubbish may incur an extra fee at the property manager's discretion.


Can we get early access to the property? 

You are welcome to arrive at Kuitpo Hall from 10am on the day of your booking unless otherwise arranged. If you would like to set up the day before or pack down the following day, and there are no booking conflicts, we can offer you the extra day for a discounted rate of $500+GST per day


When do we have to collect our things?

If you have not booked an additional day for pack down, we ask that all large items are removed by 7am in the morning following your booking (eg marquees, food trucks, porta loos) and all smaller items must be collected by 8am in the morning following your booking


Can we camp? 

We cannot accommodate overnight stays and do not allow camping at Kuitpo Hall. There are camping facilities in neighbouring Kuitpo Forest with Forestry SA. You can find more information here:


What facilities are in the kitchen? 

In the kitchen to the rear of Kuitpo Hall there is a commercial oven and stove, a double door fridge, a double sink, and prep spaces. There is no freezer on the property, and we do not provide ice. We supply you with bins, bin liners and basic cleaning products.  


Can we bring our own caterer? 

As a dry hire venue are happy for you to bring your own caterer. We ask that all caterers have valid public liability to an appropriate level of cover and that the certificate of currency is provided as part of booking process. Please let us know if you would like us to provide you with a list of recommended caterers. 


Where can we park the food truck? 

You are welcome to park the food trucks anywhere on the gravel areas on the property. Please don’t park them on the grass. You can even bring the food trucks inside the Barn if you choose. 


Is there drinking water available on the property?

The property is on bore water and it is not suitable for drinking. Please bring your own boxed or bottled water for drinking.


Do you provide ice, food, and alcohol? 

As a dry hire venue, we do not provide ice, food or alcohol so you are welcome to bring your own. 


We have an association with Kuitpo Brewing Co and through MASE Events we offer a special price for kegs of IPA,  Session Ale and Strawberry Kuitpo Naughty Water (seltzer) for Hall Hires. The package comes with one 50L keg, a bar with two taps, and glassware. We will deliver and set up the bar in the Hall, Barn or outdoors as appropriate for $400+GST. Extra kegs can be ordered for $350+GST


Do I need a liquor licence? 

Unless you are selling alcohol and/or charging an entry fee to your event you should not need a liquor license. For further information, please check 


Can we have confetti?

If you are choosing to use confetti at your event - even natural confetti and rose petals - it will need to be cleaned it up whether inside or outside. We recommend you bring a blower vac for this purpose. 


Is there heating and cooling? 

There is no heating or cooling installed at Kuitpo Hall. Because the Hall is a heritage stone building, we find it is often surprisingly comfortable through the seasons. However, to ensure the comfort of you and your guests, we do have heating and cooling options available for hire through our big sister company MASE Events. Please contact with your enquiry.


Can we have a fire? 

Kuitpo Hall is in the Mount Lofty Ranges district and fire restrictions apply. Fires are permitted at Kuitpo Hall in a brazier or fire pit (on the gravel areas, not on the grass) outside of the Fire Danger Season. The fireplace inside the Hall is not operational but it does look incredible with a display of pillar candles. For more information about Fire Danger Season please refer to the CFS website at


Are dogs permitted?

Yes, if you choose to invite your furry friends to your event at Kuitpo Hall, dogs are permitted on the property. However please clean up after them to avoid being charged an excess cleaning fee. 


Is there a baby change table?

Yes, there is a change table in the female bathroom at Kuitpo Hall.


What is the accessibility like? 

There are two small steps up to the Hall at each of the doors and four steps into the kitchen. We can provide a ramp for access into the hall from front or side doors on request. The Barn is at ground level, with no steps and has a wide access doorway. We do not have fully accessible toilets on site and recommend hiring in a disabled toilet if required. 


Do we have to hire a portable loo?

On site at Kuitpo Hall we have two female toilets, one male toilet and a urinal. If you are having more than 120 guests at your event we do recommend you hire an additional toilet. Porta Loos can be booked through MASE Events. Please contact with your enquiry.


Sanitary waste? 

Please ensure nothing gets flushed down the toilet! There are bins in the bathrooms.


Can we bring vehicles into the Barn?

There is vehicle access into the Barn, but not into the Hall. You might choose to park a food truck in the Barn. 


Where are the power sources and what type of power is available? 

You can access standard 10AMP power points in various locations around the property. Please check the map available on this website for power locations. There is no three-phase power on site. 


Is the festoon lighting outside and the fairy lights in the Hall permanent? 

The festoon lights and fairy lights are standard inclusions for your hire. These can be removed if you would like different lighting for your event. There is a charge of $120+GST for festoon removal and $120+GST for fairy light removal. Please enquire with


Can we take photos at the cottage facade on the property? 

Yes, you are welcome to use the cottage facade as a backdrop for your photos but please don’t stand on the deck. While very charming, the cottage is a prop facade and the deck is not able to support weight. 


Is there a sound system installed? 

There is no sound system or PA installed at Kuitpo Hall. If you would like to hire a sound system, PA or speakers for your event please contact


Where can our guests park? 

Please advise your guests that they can park on the property on the gravel areas but not on the grass. There is also a car park across the road in Kuitpo Forest.

Do you have a map to help us plan our layout? 

You can find a downloaded map of Kuitpo Hall here.

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